• Parental and Community Involvement

    The Hollandale School District values the partnership of parents and grandparents in their children’s education.  There are many ways parents can make significant contributions to student success both at home and by volunteering at the school.  Activities at Sanders Elementary and Simmons Junior Senior High School implemented for effective parental involvement are:

    • assisting families with parenting skills
    • understanding child and adolescent development
    • dietary information as it related to learning
    • assisting parents in setting home conditions that support children as students at each age and grade level. 



    The Hollandale School District holds four Community Forum Meetings during the school term. The District report Card is shared with parents at the meeting immediately following its release. Each school has a Data Room where data is analyzed and posted regularly during the school term. This data is shared with parents and the community several times during the year. An assessment report is sent home to parents upon receipt by the district.
    Also assessment results and other communications are communicated using the following mechanisms. 
    • Website
    • Newsletters
    • Parent Meetings
    • Newspaper
    • Fliers
    • Automated Calling System