• Federal Programs Plan

    Each year, the Hollandale School District creates a district-wide plan to identify how it will use the federal funds provided to meet the needs of students and increase learning opportunities in the district. Each school must also create a plan to describe its use of federal funds. Plans are created by a team of students, parents, teachers, and administrators in the school or district and should be made publicly available to all stakeholders. Plans must be approved by the school board and by the Office of Federal Programs in the Mississippi Department of Education.

    The following are key components of the Federal Programs Plans created by the district and schools:

    1. Comprehensive Needs Assessment
    2. Improvement of Instruction
    3. High Quality, Ongoing Professional Development
    4. Parental Involvement
    5. Safe and Health Schools

    The District's Plan focus on inproving the Hollandale School District in the following areas:

    1. Reading and Langauage Arts Instruction
    2. Mathematics Instruction
    3. Highly Qualified Teachers
    4. Safe and Drug-Free Learning Environments
    5. Graduation Rate
    6. Drop Out Rate
    7. Highly Qualified Teachers
    8. Administration of Federal Programs

    To access a copy of the district or any school’s current plan, contact the Federal Programs Director.