• Motor Vehicle Records Evaluation

    The district will evaluate the MVR of each driver at least once per year. A driver’s MVR will be evaluated based on a point system assigned to various driving violations. Category I consist of minor violations and category II consists or serious traffic violations. Drivers accumulating four or more points over a three-year period may be deemed “unacceptable” and may be terminated.


    Category I Incidents

    Category I incidents are worth one point each.

    1. Moving violation
    2. “At-fault” accident
    3. Any combination of 2 “at -fault” accidents or moving violations in a 12 month period


    Category II Incidents

    Category II incidents are worth 5 points each and may lead to immediate termination from the district.

    1. DUI or other alcohol or drug related violation
    2. Reckless vehicle operation
    3. Assault with a motor vehicle
    4. Leaving the scene of an accident
    5. Driving under suspension or revocation
    6. Excessive speed (20 MPH over limit)