• Bus Driver Qualifications

    In order to drive a bus for the Hollandale School District, a person must meet the qualifications listed below.


    Physical, Mental and Moral Requirements

    1. A driver must have at least 20/40 visual acuity in each eye. This may be achieved with the use of corrective lenses.
    2. A driver must have a physical examination that includes but is not limited to: tests for tuberculosis, high blood pressure, and diabetes.
    3. A doctor or physical therapist may be requested to give an opinion as to whether or not an applicant is physically qualified to perform the work of a school bus driver based on state and federal regulations.
    4. All drivers must consent to and pass a pre-employment drug screening and be placed in a pool for random drug screening.
    5. A bus driver must have the normal use of both arms, both hands, both legs, and both feet.
    6. A bus driver must have sufficient physical strength to drive a school bus.
    7. A bus driver should be a person of good moral character.
    8. A bus driver should be emotionally stable.
    9. A driver’s hearing shall not be impaired to the extent that it would interfere with the safe operation of a school bus.
    10. A bus driver must pass a pre-employment agility test administered as part of the Mississippi Department of Education bus driver training.
    11. Have an acceptable driving record with no convictions deemed disqualifying under the Mississippi Commercial Drivers License Law.


    Age Limits

    1. A driver must be at least 21 years of age.


    License and Certification

    1. A school bus driver shall have a valid Class A, B or C Commercial Driver’s License with a “P” and “S” endorsement.
    2. A school bus driver shall have a valid school bus driver’s certificate issued by an instructor approved by the Mississippi Department of Education.

      “A minimum of eight (8) hours in a regular school bus driver training course approved by the Mississippi Board of Education is one of the requirements for receiving a certification card which is valid for no more than two (2) years.”

      Those drivers’ that have a chargeable accident during the school year may be required to attend a regular bus school the following summer, regardless of the validity of their certification card. This requirement is left to the discretion of the local school district and the Mississippi Department of Education, Division of Pupil Transportation officials.

    3. Bus drivers may be required to have a valid “Medical Card.”