• The Hollandale School District Department of Technology is committed to providing the students, teachers, staff, and administrators with the best possible technology within the means of the district. We see ourselves as a major entity in the learning process, and it is our ultimate goal to provide the best services to our district with the necessary technology, training, and support. We believe that the use of technology within our district will encourage leadership in learning, expansion of learning and growing during this digital age, and help to provide structured learning through technology. As a department we are always seeking to improve in all areas to ensure that the district is striving for excellence in technology as well as any other endeavors.
    In order to help prepare our students to become global citizens and 21st century learners, we envision a department that provides the most current technological resources, innovative opportunities, and superior customer service.
    We believe that our mission is to provide technological services, training, and support that will allow teaching and learning to become more innovative and technologically sound so that our students will be empowered to compete globally.
    1.  We believe that cutting edge technology provides our students and staff with tools to be innovative teachers and learners.
    2. We believe that we should use technology to help enrich the lives of our community and stakeholders.
    3. We believe that our training and support should leave customers comfortable enough to succeed but intuitive enough to seek our more innovated challenges and opportunities.
    For more information about Hollandale School District Technology, please feel free to contact:
    Rosalyn Brockman
    Rosalyn Brockman
    District Technology Coordinator
    Email: rbrockman@hollandalesd.org
    Phone: (662)827-2276 or (662)822-7279