HSD Coronavirus Communication


HSD will follow the request of Governor Tate Reeves.
Spring Break is extended through March 20, 2020; for the safety of our students and staff members.


 HSD Coronavirus updates will be made available via the link below

HSD Coronavirus Communication Link

Link: https://bit.ly/2IDrl83


As of March 12, 2020 - Coronavirus Message from the Hollandale School District


The Hollandale School will be working with the Mississippi State Department of Health, City of Hollandale, Mississippi Department of Education, and other organizations to coordinate the most current and appropriate response to prevent or contain an outbreak of the coronavirus. We have developed four levels of response for the Hollandale School District. For each level, we will have different protocols to ensure students, parents, hourly employees, and teachers are safe, first and foremost. The protocols will also consider student nutrition (breakfast and lunch), wages of hourly employees, and student learning (online and/or learning packets). Rest assured the district will look at all options to support our community during this unprecedented situation. We are asking everyone to be flexible and patient as we develop solutions to address the impact of the coronavirus.     


HSD Coronavirus Response Levels 


  • Regular School Opening
  • Delayed School Opening
  • Temporary School Closing (1-3 days)
  • Extended School Closures (4 or more days)



Level 3 Response

Dates - March 16, 2020, and March 17, 2020

HSD will cancel school on Monday and Tuesday for students only to clean and sanitize the school thoroughly. In addition, the district leadership team will work with the City of Hollandale to develop a plan to address the coronavirus. (All employees are to report to work unless you are experiencing symptoms listed below).


If you have any questions, please contact Nurse Mamie Warren at mwarren@hollandalesd.org and Joann Martin at jmartin@hollandalesd.org